Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 Years and Counting

New cil The Northeast Pennsylvania Center for Independent Living (NEPACIL) has been housed in our new building for nearly 2 years.  We view this building as something important for people with disabilities in the counties covered by the CIL. The main reason? Community presence.

This renewed community presence helps promote the ideals of independent living. It promotes a different mind-set when legislators are making decisions about programs for people with disabilities; it promotes the understanding that people with disabilities need to be part of the community; it lets everyone know that people with disabilities can work and prosper. The community supports that the NEPACIL embraces and promotes are not hand-outs. Instead, they provide ways for people with disabilities to contribute to the community through work and interaction.

So this is much more than just a building. Its a representation to all of us that everyone deserves the right to say "nothing about me without me"!

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